Vitaly Gurvich
General Manager

Vitaly has worked in the car business since 1996 and for Koons since June 2005 as an Finance & Insurance Manager at Koons Annapolis Toyota. Vitaly has been the F&I Director at Westminster since 2008 and as General Sales Manager at Mercedes-Benz of Baltimore in January 2012.  Vitaly transferred back to Koons of Westminster and was promoted to General Manager in November 2018. 

Vitaly and his wife are the proud parents of two young daughters. He enjoys spending time with his family. Vitaly also enjoys traveling and has visited more than 20 countries around the world.

Angela Boerner
410-876-6400 x11002

Angela started in the automotive industry in 1986 and at Koons in 2005.

Dan Harkins
General Sales Manager
410-876-6400 x11503

Dan started working for Koons in April of 2009 as a sales representative. He was promoted to sales manager November of 2011. Dan is elated with the new position and enjoys the challenge that comes with it. He loves the Toyota product and is enthusiastic! He couldn't imagine selling without the Koons name on his shirt.

Dan has 3 children. He is happily married and enjoys spending time with his wife who is also his best friend. He enjoys the automotive industry and is looking to grow with the Koons organization.

Brooks Hoffman
New Vehicle Sales Manager
410-876-6400 x11052

Brooks has been working at Koons since high school.  He has worked his way through Detail, Sales, and has been a Sales Team Leader since the summer of 2017.  He enjoys spending time with his 2 boys and vacationing at Deep Creek Lake. 

Steve Zwobot
Pre-Owned Sales Manager
410-876-6400 x11060

Steve started in the automotive business in 2010 and with the Koons organization in 2014. He is an automotive enthusiast. In his spare time, he likes to fish and golf.

Jeff Schuette
Pre-Owned Sales Manager
410-876-6400 x11600

Jeff Schuette has been a valued employee of Koons Toyota Westminster since 2008. He is happily married to his wife of 6 years.  Jeff enjoys the beach...any beach...however his favorite destination will always be Aruba.  Jeff is a watch connoisseur and avid animal lover with two dogs and two birds.  Jeff is a fitness buff and loves working in his yard.

Regina Kuperman
Sales Manager
410-876-6400 x11024

Regina is married and has two children. She likes spending time with family, zumba and traveling.


New Vehicle Sales

Cody Curtis
Product Specialist
410-876-6400 x11061

Maryann McMorrow
Product Specialist
410-876-6400 x11015

Maryann has been at Koons since 2005.

Alexander Shor
Product Specialist
410-876-6400 x11073

Alexander started in the automotive industry in 2017 and with the Koons organization in 2018. He speaks fluent Russian. Alexander is married and has 2 children and 3 grandchildren. 

Justin Schmitt
Business Development Manager
410-876-6400 ext. 11083

Justin started in the automotive industry in 2018.  Justin is married and has 2 children.  He loves spending time with his family and listening to music.

Joanne Virgilio
Product Specialist
410 876-6400 x11023

Joanne is the woman you should trust with your potential, ideal car purchase.  Joanne was a prominent restaurant business owner for over 25 years before joining Koons Westminster Toyota in 2019 and it led her to be a successful sales person.

Joanne has been happily married for over 30 years and has two daughters and 3 dogs.  She loves to spend time with her family and friends and travel to Italy.

Jason Pandoli
Business Development Manager
410 876-6400 x11029

Jason started in the automotive industry in 2019.  Jason was born in Ohio and is an avid Cleveland Browns and Ohio State Buckeye fan.  Jason is married and has two sons.

Dylan Hostetter
Product Specialist
410-876-6400 x11612

James Lammey
Product Specialist
410-876-6400 x11016

James started in the automotive industry in 2020 and is the proud dad of two daughters.

Brice Hardesty
Product Specialist
410-876-6400 x11012

Brice started in the automotive business in 2020.  In his spare time he enjoys cars, the outdoors and photography.

Joseph Sears
Product Specialist
41-876-6400 x11500

Joseph started in the automotive business in 2020.  In his spare time he enjoys motorcycle riding, playing with his dog, and playing video games with his brother.

Ryan Emge
Product Specialist
410-876-6400 x11072

Ryan started working for Koons in November of 2020. Before his career in car sales, he was a Sales Manager at an appliance store for 6 years.  He is married with 2 children. Family is everything to Ryan, when he's not working he enjoys family time, playing golf, watching football, and all outdoor activities.  What he enjoys most about sales is making people happy and giving them the best experience.

Mitch Ambill
Product Specialist
410-876-6400 x11061

Dylan Sobolewski
Product Specialist
410-876-6400 x11608


Pre-Owned Sales

Chase Blanchard
Sales Consultant

Cliff Hoffman
Sales Consultant
410-876-6400 x11071

Cliff Hoffman began working with Koons Toyota of Westminster in August 2013 as a New Vehicle Sales associate. He has been in Sales all of his life, starting in retail at the age of 16 years. Prior to working at Koons Toyota, he worked selling to wholesale distributors in the hardware industry. What he enjoys most about the sales industry is meeting new people and having the ability to make them happy with their purchase. In his time with sales he has accomplished earning the President's award once for Sales Excellence and has been recognized as Sales Representative of the Year several times. In his spare time he enjoys playing games, building and restoring vintage mini bikes, fishing and camping.

Isaiah Merrill
Sales Consultant
410-876-6400 x11611

Matthew Hands
Business Development Manager
410-876-6400 x11069

Matt Hands is a Business Development Manager who has been with Koons Toyota Westminster since 2006. He is engaged and they have a pit/boxer named Ritzy.  His hobbies include working out and playing sports.  He is a home town fan of the Baltimore Ravens, the Baltimore Orioles and the Maryland Terps.

James Shea
Sales Consultant
410-876-6400 x11064

James started in the automotive industry in 2018.  James is married and has 2 children.  James loves to watch sports and spend time with his family.

Kyle Smith
Sales Consultant
410 876-6400 x11065

Kyle started in the automotive industry in 2018. Kyle married his wife in October 2018, recently bought a house in 2019, and had his first child, a son, in 2020. Kyle has a huge passion for cars and loves to learn new things about them daily.

Dean Davis
Sales Consultant
410-876-6400 x11601

Dean started in the automotive industry at a young age and started with Koons in 2020.  He enjoys spending time with family and enjoys sports including the Ravens and Orioles.

Joshua Lefevre
Business Development Manager
410-876-6400 x11062

Josh started in the automotive industry in 2020 and enjoys golf and spending time with his family

Nicholas Drugan
Sales Consultant
410-876-6400 x11066

Scott Kulick
Sales Consultant
410-876-6400 x11610

Alexander Solis
Sales Consultant
410-876-6400 x11603

Alex has been with the company since May 2021. He speaks fluent Spanish. He has a chihuahua named Champion. His Hobbies include playing Baseball, Soccer and going to car shows. He also enjoys spending time with his family and his girlfriend.



Jeremy Voelkel
Finance Director
410-876-6400 x11020

Jeremy has worked for Koons since April 2009.  Jeremy was born and raised in Westminster and still lives in Carroll County.  Jeremy went to Carrolll Community and UMBC.  Jeremy is married and has 2 children.  Jeremy says the best thing about working for Koons is the family atmosphere.  

Dmitry Tsomik
Finance Manager
410-876-6400 x11068

Dmitry has worked in the auto industry since 2005 and has been with Koons Automotive since August 2009.  He started at Koons Westminster Toyota until being promoted to Internet Sales Manager then to Finance Manager at Mercedes-Benz of Catonsville. 

His favorite thing about working for Koons is working with a great team of people who want to succeed and be the best at what they do. 

Dmitry has a Bachelor's degree in Finance.  He is happily married and a proud father of two children.  Family encourages him to succeed.   

Roberto Espinoza
Finance Manager
410-876-6400 x11018

Roberto started in the automotive industry in November 2014. He speaks fluent Spanish. In his spare time he likes to travel and spend time outdoors.

Joshua Ageloff
Finance Manager
410-876-6400 x11026

Josh started in the automotive business in 2010 and with Koons Automotive in 2017. Josh likes sports, cars, movies, technology and spending time with family and friends.

Steve Breen
Finance Manager
410-876-6400 x11017

Steve started in the automotive industry in 1986 and with the Koons Organization in 2017. Steve is married and has 4 children and 4 grandchildren.  Steve likes going to the gym and spending time with family.

Cecil Khan
Finance Manager
410-876-6400 x11025

Robert Morris
Finance Manager
410-876-6400 x11013

Robert Morris joined the Koons Toyota of Westminster dealership in April 2012. Before beginning his career in car sales, he worked in HVAC. He has two children, a daughter and a son who he loves spending his free time with.  Rob enjoys learning about new technology and playing almost any type of sport, but football is his passion. He is a Buffalo Bill's fan at heart



Robert Stoll
Service Manager
410-876-6400 x11030

Bob Stoll is the Service Director here at Koons Toyota Westminster.  Bob was a long time resident of Carroll County and now resides at the Inner Harbor Baltimore.  He brings over 30 years of automotive management experience and started the journey working in high school at his family's Exxon gas station garage.

Todd Eckard
Service Advisor
410-876-6400 x11031

Todd started working at Koons Toyota of Westminster in October of 2006 as a Service Advisor. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his four children doing things like fishing and going to the movies.

Pam McCall
Service Advisor
410-876-6400 x11033

Jay Badiang
Service Advisor
410-876-6400 x11039

Jay began his career at Koons Toyota of Westminster in August 2013.  In his spare time, he enjoys golfing, kayaking, fishing, jeep rides, and spending time with his 2 children.

George Bromwell
Service Advisor
410 876-6400 x11032

George started in the automotive business in 2005 and with the Jim Koons Automotive Company in 2019.  George likes to go fishing, boating and metal detecting. 



Thomas Benvengi
Parts Specialist
410-876-6400 X11043

Brian Bell
Parts Manager
410-876-6400 x11040

Brian started with Koons in May 1990 doing Toyota, Mazda, and Used Car Sales. In 1998, he became the Parts Manager earning the "Parts Excellence Award" 14 times. Brian is married and has 1 son.

Brad Vance
Assistant Parts Manager
410-876-6400 x11044

Brad Vance has been in the Automotive industry since 1993, specifically working in the Parts department. He began his career as a Parts Counter Representative and is currently the Assistant Parts Manager. When he is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family and his dogs, preferably doing something outdoors.

Bill Erb
Parts Specialist
410-876-6400 x11041

Bill has been working for the dealership since October 2005 as a parts counterperson. In his spare time, Bill enjoys the great outdoors and attending dances.  he has a farm with 20 Schottie's Highland cattle.

Dennis Main
Parts Specialist
410-876-6400 x11042

Dennis began working at Koons Toyota of Westminster in August of 2009 as a member of the Parts Department Sales Associate team. In his spare time, he likes to work on HotRods and motorcycles. Dennis has 2 sons.


Support Staff

Makayla Miles
Pre-Owned Acquisition Specialist
410-876-6400 X11010

Bub Harry
Facility/Acquisition Porter

Nathan Snook
Vehicle Acquisition & Inventory Manager
410-876-6400 x11019

Nate started with the Koons organization in February 2014.  He was born and raised in Newark, DE and is a huge fan of the Philadelphia Eagles.  He met his wife at the University of Delaware and continues to follow the Delaware Blue Hens.  Nate's hobbies include collecting and selling antiques, watching and attending NASCAR races and spending time on his farm with his wife and baby girl Emerson.

Tristin Regester
Pre-Owned Acquisition Specialist
410 876-6400 x11074

Tristin started working for Koons in 2015 as a Detailer. He later transferred to Pre-Owned Vehicle Acquisitions in 2020.  Tristin enjoys being able to meet the many different people and hearing their stories.  In his spare time he enjoys thinking about what he will eat for lunch the next day.

Andrew Heft
New Car Inventory Manager
410-876-6400 x11084

Andrew started working at Koons in January of 2020 as a lot attendant and did the New Car Inventory Photography.  He later transferred to New Car Digital Media and is currently the New Car Inventory Manager.  Andrew is an avid car enthusiast and enjoys working on his cars.  He enjoys spending his free time with his girlfriend and being in the outdoors as well as playing a multitude of sports.

Josh Greco
Pre-owned Acquisition Specialist
410-876-6400 X11055

Josh started at Koons as a Detailer in June, 2020.  He became the New Car Inventory Photographer in October, 2020.  Josh has always been full of new ideas and inventions.  He started as a young entrepreneur out to pursue his newest ideas.  His favorite quote is "Uh, Spaghetti."

Brian Tenney
Inventory Manager/Photographer
410 876-6400 x11051

Brian started out as a salesperson in 1994 at Koons Ford of Baltimore and by September, 2001, he won the first Koons walk around contest. He held a variety of positions including Assistant Service Manager, New Car Inventory Manager with Koons Ford and Commercial Accounts Manager and Sales Manager with different Ford dealers in PA. While he was residing in PA he was a finalist in the Ford Certified Pre-Owned walk around contest. Brian moved back to Westminster in 2008 and he has been the Inventory Manager since. 

Brian has 2 children and 4 Grandchildren. Brian is a big Nascar fan.



Jessica Journey
Accounting Clerk
410-876-6400 x11004

Jessica started with Koons in 2017 and has loved her transition to the automotive industry.  Jessica and her husband love game nights with friends and are always up for a camping trip.  Jessica is a master at brain teaser puzzles.

Courtney Wentz
Accounting Clerk
410-876-6400 x11003

Courtney has been in the automotive business since 2015 and joined Koons in 2019. Courtney and her son's favorite activity are movie nights! Courtney loves concerts and dreams of being on Family Fued.

Pat Cattaneo
Payable/Receivables Clerk
410-876-6400 x11005

After 23 years in accounts payable and receivable, Pat has made the move to the automotive industry and has been with Koons since 2020. Pat loves anytime that is spent with family, but adores holidays most! Pat and her husband are avid car show and race fans!