Strut & Shock Service at Koons Westminster Toyota

Are you tired of driving around in a bouncy car? Looking to get your shocks and/or struts replaced? Fear not, Koons Westminster Toyota can help! Our team of seasoned technicians is ready to help Frederick and Baltimore drivers return to a less bouncy driving experience.

Shock and Sturt Service near Rockville

Driving with worn-out shocks can be a frustrating experience. Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy. Whether you're looking to lessen the bouncy driving experience or you're looking to ensure that your smooth driving continues uninterrupted, the Koons Westminster Toyota team can help!

Signs you may need to Service your Struts and Shocks

There are a variety of signs that Baltimore area drivers can look for when deciding whether your brakes are in need of repair or maintenance. One of the most classic ways of identifying shoddy shocks and struts is the amount of bounce when going over potholes and bumps. Excessively bouncy after going over a pothole or bump? Your shocks likely need to be serviced. Another sign that your shocks and struts are in less than ideal condition is when you hit the brakes. If your vehicle lurches forward when you hit the brakes, it may be indicative of worn-out struts and shocks! End the lurching, schedule a service appointment at Koons Westminster Toyota!

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Want to schedule a service appointment as soon as possible? Baltimore and Hanover, PA drivers can utilize our online service center page to schedule an appointment!  Our team can assist with much more than just shocks and struts, too. Whether you're looking to get a full work-up done on your vehicle or you're looking to just take care of your shocks and struts, Frederick drivers can look to the Koons Westminster Toyota team for assistance!

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