The all-new 2020 GR Supra - History of Innovation

From its humble beginnings as a seedling of the Celica to its most recent A80 iteration, the all-new 2020 GR Supra touts inspiration from a long line of Toyota cars.

The Supra model finds its beginnings back in 1978 with the release of the Celica Supra A40. A far cry from the all new GR Supra, the Celica Supra A40 bears a few stylistic choices that still be can spotted in the latest iteration of the Supra. From a triangular rear side window to a gently sloping rear roof, the A40 was the first iteration of the Supra.

The year is 1982, the Celica returns with an all-new version of the Celica Supra - the Celica Supra A60. Taking a turn down sporty styling lane, the Supra Celica A60 more or less kept the same exterior styling, however the A60 added flip-up headlights and flared fenders. Breaking from the Celica, the Supra established itself as a solo model in 1986. The A70 Supra brought about a distinct personality. From a longer wheelbase to a host of performance features, the A70 was the first version of the Supra to establish the Supra as a performance vehicle. The A70 added a 3.0-liter (232 horsepower), electronically adjustable dampers, and power-enhancing variable air induction.

Jumping to the latest version of the Supra to be released, the A80 arrived in 1993 and offered a futuristic turn on the A70. Swapping out sharp lines of design for rolling curves, the A80 not only changed the up the exterior, but also fine-tuned the performance offerings.

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