The legendary Toyota Land Cruiser didn't just appear. No, in fact, it's had a long evolution that started all the way back in 1957,

While all Land Cruiser models have shared an affinity for off-road capability, it took a long time for the current iteration of the Land Cruiser to be realized. Baltimore and Westminster drivers wondering about the origins of the Land Cruiser can trace the beginnings back to 1957. The FJ25was a box-top SUV that featured a soft-top and impressive off-road functionality. Thirteen years after the FJ25 the FJ40 hit Hanover and Frederick roads. The FJ40 touted a two-box hardtop, distinct exterior styling, and impressive off-road versatility. Jump forward seven years and the FJ45 brought a very different spin the Land Cruiser. The FJ45 was a truck that featured a front-end similar to the FJ25 and FJ40. However, the addition of the truck bed really added new functionality to the already highly functional Land Cruiser. The FJ45 appeared for a very brief time in the United States before being discontinued. It was until 1986 that the next iteration of the Land Cruiser arrived. The FJ60 was the earliest form of the Land Cruiser that looks most similar to the 2019 version of the Land Cruiser. No longer bearing the truck bed, the FJ60 featured a longer wheelbase, gas and diesel engine options, and three rows of seating. Just two years later the FJ62 appeared with a more powerful engine, updated exterior styling, and more interior space. Entering the nineties, the FZJ80 OZ was the next new Land Cruiser. It wouldn't be until 2007 that the next version of the Land Cruiser appeared. The VDJ79 truck was a pure work vehicle that reaffirmed the Land Cruiser as a distinctly versatile vehicle. 2013 saw the introduction of the Land Cruiser, which was followed up by the newest version - the 2019 Land Cruiser.

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