The Toyota Tacoma Takes on Trailblazing with Crawl Control

The Toyota Tacoma TRD is a capable crawler already, but the available Crawl Control system (CRAWL) gives you the tools and technology you need to take your off-roading performance to the next level.

The Crawl Control system handles your acceleration and braking, automatically distributing torque and power to where it's most needed, depending on your driving terrain and conditions. This frees you up to focus your skills on challenging steering and maneuvers.

Couple CRAWL with Multi-Terrain Select and Multi-Information Display systems, and your Toyota Tacoma TRD will take you even further down the trail. You can select your terrain mode from Mud and Sand, Loose Rock, Mogul, Rock, and Rock and Dirt. Your Toyota Tacoma TRD will instantly be optimized for the best performance.

Want to share your tales from the trail? The Toyota Tacoma TRD even includes an integrated GoPro® mount so you can capture every minute on and off the road.

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