Keep Your Toyota RAV4 Adventures Safe with Available Brake Assist

The last thing you want to experience as you travel with your loved ones is to get into an accident. That is why Toyota engineers are building new Toyota models safer than ever before. A good example is the new Toyota RAV4 which is available with Brake Assist. Incorporated with this driver-assist technology, this model can help drivers like you mitigate a collision more effectively.

How Does Brake Assist Work?

There are endless scenarios in which you will have to come to an emergency stop. Take for instance when the car ahead comes to an immediate stop or when an animal darts out into the middle of the road. In these situations, you will likely put your foot on the brake pedal to avoid a collision. However, studies indicate that people all too often are slow to respond and do not put enough force. Thankfully, technologies like available Brake Assist can help compensate. If it detects an attempted panic brake, extra power and pressure is applied to help you come to a faster stop. In this way, it acts as your secondary support and will decrease the likelihood of an impact.

Learn More about Brake Assist and Other Features

Brake Assist is just one of a myriad of available driver-assist features for the new Toyota RAV4. Collectively, these innovations ensure greater safety for Toyota owners, and it is a large part in why our team at Koons Toyota Westminster can stand proudly behind our Toyota collection. So if you would like to learn more, then stop by to speak with one of our experts and get a demonstration as to the different benefits that come our new Toyota models.

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