Learn about the brake service at Koons Westminster Toyota


There are a lot of reasons to visit our Certified Toyota Service Center in Westminster, MD, but the best reason is for preventative measures. We don't want to see our customers come in with a vehicle that shows the aftereffects of a failing braking system. We want to replace those brake pads or flush out the brake fluid before there's a problem.


And we structure our facility to cater to the busy lives of our customers by making brake inspections part of our Toyota Express Maintenance service. No appointment is necessary, and we'll get you in, out, and back on the road in no time.


So, if you notice your Toyota's brake pedal feeling squishy, if you hear grinding or squealing while braking, or if you vehicle needs far too long to come to a complete stop, come see us at your leisure. And check out the Toyota brake system care video overview below for further insight into the topic.

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