Seize every moment with the 2016 Toyota Camry


When is the last time you earnestly believed that the sky was the limit? That whatever destination you had in mind, you could reach? If you're having trouble recalling a time when you truly seized the day, well ... we here at Koons Westminster Toyota want to help.


Have you ever considered investing in the latest Toyota Camry? Sure, we know that a midsize sedan isn't the first type of car that comes to mind when you're thinking of embarking on an adventure, but trust us on this one -- the 2016 Camry is engineered to handle whatever comes…

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Brand new 2016 Toyota Prius touches down in Las Vegas


The future of futuristic driving is here in the form of the latest Toyota Prius. From its more aggressive front fascia to its racy, sweptback roofline and edgy rear design, the 2016 Prius boasts an impactful, thorough makeover that makes this fuel-sipping hatchback look more like a racecar ... from the year 2050. You've never seen exterior lights quite this sinister-looking before (at least not on a hybrid, that's for sure).


The world premiere of the 2016 Prius took place just a few days ago, and we're eager to share the footage from the event with

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